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According to the "21st Century Business Herald" disclosure of the bank, "we are now almost all of the hands of the suspension of the business, in the archives, fill in a variety of forms, specifically toreplica watches deal with regulatory checks, including the CBRC, the Audit Commission, five Check the same time, "" the central bank's MPA assessment just ended, the CBRC and within two weeks made seven documents, we have not had time to study the impact of these documents and response to the policy, but the overall feeling of this year, A lot, like the same industry, outsourcing and the like business is  replica watches uk more affected. "Estimated stock market, the property market will be more than one trillion of funds outflow. Plus the situation may be more serious than the regulators think, regulators sneeze, the market launched a high fever, has been nonsense. The second heavy weapons is the stringent supervision of the SFC, so Zhuang Zhuang Baotou channeling. Speculators rolling, rumbling away, the market was tossing every time not. April 14, the Securities and Futures Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun said that recently, for the swiss replica watches speculation of new shares and fast forward and quick way and other malicious manipulation of the market behavior, the Commission deployed 2017 special enforcement action in the second batch of cases. At present, the relevant investigation work has been in full swing, some key cases have made important breakthroughs.


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