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Nine feet black banner in the army before hunting fluttering, Wujin's spear-shaped flag in the sparkling. 80 face cowhide snare drum, and 20 million cavalry hoof sound together, so that the mountain dumping, so that the river waves. At the same time, the earth step on the 9 Avenue. One day the army opened to the Haitun high Le (Yellow River) on the south bank of the swiss replica watches Haute Geer place. This place flowers bright, lush trees; soil gold, stone crystal. Day is particularly blue, the clouds are particularly white; the wind with the aroma, the birds around the light Ming. Genghis Khan was so intoxicated by this fascinating landscape. So he walked out of the four-wheeled wooden car on the gold account, across the horse, hand carrying silver handle of the pythons, marching flowers forward. Suddenly, an aroma made him sneeze. So he had a golden horse. 200,000 warriors stopped the pace of this, 80 head drums also screeching, only 9 feet black banner, but also floating in the sweat of the replica watches uk gold account. Genghis Khan is a hero, he never transferred the horse head. Only for this scenery, was fascinated and can not own, turn Ma head in the Haute Geer around a week. Genghis Khan in wartime is jealous, but this time the scene has made him drunk, intoxicated, fascinated, drunk! Eyes filled with the beauty of the replica watches Haotgel. Looked, looking at the hands of the silver handle python whip unknowingly fell to the ground. In the Mongolian, silver handle python whip as if into a dragon, quietly lying, surrounded by shining ... ...


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