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Zhuanggu heard this, fatalism, typical, such as Edifier, love Sikai and other stocks, coincident with the collapse of the replica watches collapse, to April 19 is still continuing, like a house with a fire. From the dragon list, Wenzhou help escape line. Want to pocket for security, there are funds, large-scale redemption is very spectacular. "China Fund News" reported that the evening of April 18 announced the net value of the Fund, Penghua Hongda A unit net from replica watches uk April 17 to 1.0454 yuan jumped to 18.0209 yuan, or up to 98.1%. And the fund's C share - Penghua Hongda C today's unit net worth not only did not rise, but fell 0.03%. Not a profit, but a redemption. A lot of people cursed special curse, what is good curse, to the lever that is to go, or the United States a rate hike, we have to be forced to go with tears. Legal supervision is also should be, in a legal system is not the primary market, if not strict supervision, the dealer can heaven, curse of the chives will be cut off by the dealer. Can not open the rolex replica occasion, another central mother appeared to reconcile the contradictions. Reuters reported that a close to the central bank's authoritative sources said, "in the policy transition, the expected adjustment will lead to market panic and overshoot." The central bank will timely fine-tune the monetary environment, stabilize market sentiment and leverage the financial industry to reduce production capacity Create space.


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