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March to April, the CBRC issued seven documents, to carry out the banking industry, "regulatory arbitrage, idle arbitrage, associated arbitrage" special management work notice requirements, the bank self-examination financial funds outside the scale (mainly refers to the purchase of securities, Funds, trusts, futures and other  fake watches  institutions issued by the asset management plan) and active management and non-active management of the size of the situation, and set out the brief transaction structure. The meaning of the document is: I check my own son, do not listen to uk replica watches play, but the fund company also can not hide in the past, to report to the fund company and the bank between the "outsourcing" agreement, including size, duration and expected rate of return And other non-banking institutions to use additional funds to further increase leverage is the scope of financial turntables arbitrage. Bank financial funds, whether physical or influence are the stock market, "Nurse", 2016, the Bank of swiss replica watches China financial funds about 27 trillion, even if one-tenth into the stock market, once weaning, the stock market should be half dead. Now, nurse really want to weaned. Banks are anxious, too, I quickly redeemed, how much is the number of redeemed....


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