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In the case of the "13 wings of the war", the lesson is very painful for replica watches Genghis Khan. When he retreated to the river, Zhelie pinch the canyon, thirty thousand troops and horses have left twenty thousand. After more than a month of dressing, only to restore the original military capacity. Broken saddle on the replica watches uk horse back, broken bow and installed a new string. And returned to the "iron out of the mountain" era, the wind capsule blew the ore, molten iron flow into a stream. When the right army general defended, his blacksmith father - Zalzi ancient too old man invited. Into the mountain arrows hit out, cut down a few pieces of woods to do the arrows. A tense scene in the canyon. One day, Genghis Khan in his center before the sweat, to convene twenty thousand soldiers, had a "military like iron" as the title of the speech: Or more ancient time, it is said that there is a treasure of ancient sweat. One year to conquer the "python Gusi" (devil), eat a defeat, but also retreat to the river of the river out of the rolex replica river to draw the canyon. Bao Gu Da Khan here in the metallurgical made thousands of fire, but no one is God arrows. So he took ten sons and killed seven; took out seven hearts and made seven arrows. This seven arrows, catch seven stone bow, can shoot through the seven mountains. Later, the Baogu Khan with the seven arrows, conquered the "python Gu Si" - twelve devil. This is the "seven arrows of the legend"


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